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Dog lake was created during the last ice age, and has been a major route for trappers and peoples of the region for hundreds of years. The countless species of fauna and flora that have evolved here are breathtaking.

Protected within the largest crown game preserve in the world (over 2 million acres), we have some of the best fishing in Northern Ontario.

Come discover a place you will remember for a lifetime.

Dog Lake Area: 13,209 mi
Perimeter: 120 mi
Maximum Depth: 245 ft
Shoreline: ~300 mi


Length: 25-50 cm (10-20 in)

Similar: Largemouth Bass

Dog Lake Season: Open All Year
Sport Fishing: 6 per day
Conservation: 2 per day

Characteristics: Upper jaw does not extend beyond eye; shallow notch between dorsal fins; body often with dark broken bars.


Length: 15-30 cm (6-12 inches)

Similar: Walleye, Sauger, White Perch

Dog Lake Season: Open All Year
Sport Fishing: no limit
Conservation: no limit

Characteristics: 6 to 8 dark verticle bands on sides, alternating with light yellow to yellow-green.


Weight: 3-5lbs average

Length: Up to 20″

Dog Lake Season: Open All Year
Sport Fishing: 25 in your possession
Conservation: 12 in your possession

Characteristics: Hard fighting, a restaurant favourite. Big schools, especially in May. Common to catch many in one outing.


Length: 15-40 cm (6-16 in)

Similar: Lake Trout

Dog Lake Season: 4th Sat in April – Sep 30
Sport Fishing: 5 in your possession
Conservation: 2 in your possession

Characteristics: Back is olive-green, brown or black; belly silvery or white; light wormlike markings and spots on dark background, some red & blue; white leading edge on lower fins, set off by black line; square tail; mouth extends backwards well beyond the eye.


Length: 25-85 cm (10-33 in)

Similar: Sauger, Yellow Perch

Dog Lake Season: Jan 1 – Apr 14 & 3rd Sat in May – Sep 30
Sport Fishing: 4 in your possession
Conservation: 2 in your possession where only one (1) can be greater than 46 cm (18.1 in) in length

Characteristics: White tip on lower tail fin; no distinct blotches or bands on adults.


Length: 45-100 cm (18-39 inches)

Similar: Muskellunge

Dog Lake Season: Open All Year
Sport Fishing: 6 in one day where only 2 can be greater than 61 cm (24 in.) of which only 1 may be greater than 86 cm (34 in.) in length
Conservation: 2 in one day where only 1 can be greater than 61 cm (24 in.) and 0 may be greater than 86 cm (34 in.) in length.

Characteristics: Light yellowish spots on dark greenbackground; tips of tail fin morerounded than muskellunge.

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